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We sell magnet therapy products at affordable prices. We have been online selling magnet therapy products for 14 years. We are located in New York City.

     The reason I started selling magnet therapy products is, I had a pinch nerve and was looking for natural remedies and came across an article about magnet therapy. I decided to try magnet therapy and it helped to alleviate the pain that I was experiencing. I did not want to take drugs and this was the natural way to go. I decided to sell magnet therapy products so I can inform my customers about the benefits of magnet therapy.

      We carry top of the line magnetic therapy products, fashionable magnetic jewelry, Bracelets, Stainless Steel & Titanium bracelets, Necklaces, Necklace and Bracelet sets, Turquoise jewelry, Ankle bracelets, Hematite jewelry, rings & earrings and Watches.

 We also carry all type Magnetic Wraps and Supports for the Back , Shoulder wraps , Foot wraps, Knee wraps , Foot insoles , Anti-Headache wraps, Elbow and Arm wraps , Wrist wraps, Thumb wraps, Carpal tunnel syndrome wraps, Ankle wraps, Magnetic Slippers, Mattress Pads, Infrared light therapy, Fat reducing rings, Massage products, Neodymium Magnets, self-adhesive-plasters, Eyeglasses to strengthen eyes, Magnetic beauty products, Water Magnets, Pet Pads , Magnetic Bandana Collars for pets, Horse blankets.

Our products have been successful in helping providing relief from pain, including common conditions such as arthritis, poor circulation, back problems, muscle pain, pinch nerves, headaches and a multitude of other problems. Of course you should consult with your doctor before using any magnetic product.

Millions of people have discovered Magnetic Therapy. This is how magnet therapy works by creating a small electrical current. This current is generated due to dissimilar (+&-) electrical poles. This "Polarity Agent Effect" causes an increase in blood flow and a general heating effect in the tissue by stimulating cellular activity. Increased blood flow with resultant increased oxygen-carrying capacity, both of which are basic to helping the body heal itself.

Magnets (which work via the iron content of our blood), emit a constant electromotive force which is compatible with our body's own magnetic field. The supply of this compatible magnetic field overrides the effects of excessive radiation and causes our blood cells to become orderly and reoriented with the earth's magnetic field. It should be made clear, magnets themselves do not heal anything. It is the supply of a compatible magnetic energy which stimulates the body to heal itself, and enable the cells to exist at their optimum level.

Daily exposure to man made electromagnetic fields - also known as electromagnetic pollutions or smog, which is cumulative, and contributes to general malaise, stiffness in the neck, chest pain, memory loss, headaches, changes in the heart rate and blood chemistry, digestive and circulatory problems, electromagnetic smog is also said to block the brains' electromagnetic signals to the cells, thereby undermining the bodies autoimmune system. Our bodies are essentially electromagnetic machines with every cell having its own electrical circuit. Man made electromagnetic fields created by electrical appliances,, radar, X-rays, power lines, etc.. closely resemble our bodies own magnetic emanations. These unnatural man made fields have disoriented our bodies receiver sensors to the extent that our blood cells are deceived into absorbing these incompatible fields, thus depriving our bodies of the earth's natural magnetism.

It is believed that magnets accelerate the healing process primarily through increasing blood flow into the capillaries--the tiny permeable blood vessels that allow for the transfer of oxygen, water, and glucose from the blood into the cells. Increased blood flow in response to magnet therapy has been documented by European researchers and by magnet therapists such as neurologist Dr. Ron Lawrence.

Physicians say this is a combined result of the Hall effect and Faraday's law. With bipolar magnets, the scientists explain, billions of charged particles with the blood vessels whiz back and forth, banging the left and then the right sides of the vessels in response to the alternating spatial pattern of north and south magnetic poles in a bipolar magnet. This results in heat and an increase in the diameter of the blood vessels (vasodilatation), allowing more blood to move through the vessels. Others think the the increase in circulation has to do to with the fact that the blood contains oxygen-binding hemoglobin and that the iron component of hemoglobin is responsive to the application of a magnetic field.

Regardless of why it happens, the increased blood flow brings more nutrients and oxygen to the injured area. At the same time, it accelerates the movement of specialized cells called phagocytes, Phagocytes are essential to the healing process, as they remove debris, repair tissue, and counteract inflammatory chemicals that cause pain.

The medical benefits of magnets have been touted since the days of ancient Greece, when Hypocrites reportedly used the magnetic rock lodestone (Hematite) to treat sterility. Ancient scientists theorize that magnets promote healing by stimulating blood flow to the affected area, bringing extra oxygen and nutrients while reducing toxins. Another hypothesis is that magnets create a field that alters how pain signals are sent along the nervous system.

Magnetic forces help the body to heal itself by stimulating the biochemistry of the body so the natural healing process can start. Magnet therapy is rapidly gaining popularity because it may help alleviate pain.

In the new millennium - a time of increasing openness to natural remedies such as medicinal herbs, vitamins and magnet therapy, magnetic forces help the body to heal itself by stimulating the biochemistry of the body so the natural healing process can start. Magnet therapy is rapidly gaining popularity because it may help alleviate pain.


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Do not use this product over an open wound. Persons with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps or other electronic medical devices should not use magnet therapy. Do not use magnets during pregnancy. We do not profess or imply any medical claims for the products we sell. Our magnetic products are not sold to cure illnesses. These products are not a medical device and cannot be relied on to supply medical benefits and it is not a substitute for proper medical care. The purchaser takes full responsibility for safe and proper use for these devices and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the supplier and manufacturer from any consumer claims against these products or their ultimate use. Magnetic products should not be used with Tran dermal drug delivery patches. Magnets should not be machine washed. Children should not use or play with this product. Magnets should be kept at least 6 inches away from electronic devices; computers, TV's video equipment, and Tapes (DVDs VCR tapes, and etc.) Do not use on an open wound. People should not use magnets within 24 hours of an acute injury or in any other situation where additional blood flow would be harmful.



If you want to return a product, we will accept returns and exchanges. We cannot refund shipping & handling charges or return postage. The item must be returned within (30) days that the product was received.  The items must be in resalable condition and have original packaging in order for us to accept the return. Please state why you are returning the product by phone, email or enclose reasons in return package. We will accept returns and exchanges only if the product have not been washed, or altered in any way. Magnet Emporium will not accept returns on damaged products as a result of neglect, or misuse of products. Returns on magnetic mattress pads, and magnetic pet pads are non-returnable due to health laws. Once we have customized a bracelet or necklace making it larger or smaller we cannot accept returns.


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